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Mobile Phone Radiator Semiconductor Cooling Fan

Mobile Phone Radiator Semiconductor Cooling Fan

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Product information:

Product name: Black Shark Frozen Refrigeration Back Clip 3 Professional Edition
Material: plastic + metal

Size: 84.3*59.5*43.7mm

Colour: Cooling Back Clip 2 Pro , Cooling Back Clip Pro , Cooling Back Clip 3Pro ,

Packing list:

Mobile phone radiator*1

1.5m Type-c fast charging data cable*1
QR code card*1


1. The data is measured at the ambient temperature of 25°C (+0.5) in the Black Shark laboratory. Depending on the environment, it may be
The cooling effect is slightly different, please refer to the actual situation
2.20W This data comes from the peak power tested by the Black Shark Lab. 1.5m3A fast charging data cable is included, it is recommended to match
Use with chargers of 20W and above that support the general QC protocol
3.72% means that the cooling capacity is increased by 72% compared with the traditional cooling chip
4. The main element of the cold-conducting plate is copper, and the thermal conductivity of copper is about 401W/m.K
5.2.27 times means that the area of the same back clip using finned heat sinks is 2.27 times larger than that of columnar heat sinks
6. Support iOS12 and above, Android6.0 and above, there are differences in the APP interface corresponding to different models.
International use shall prevail
7. During normal use, please do not block the air inlet at the product logo, so as not to cause product failure
8. When the mobile phone is not in use, please disconnect the power supply in time to prevent the mobile phone from malfunctioning due to low temperature
9. Condensed water may appear during the use of the back clip due to a significant drop in temperature, which is a normal phenomenon; please take out
Wipe and deal with condensed water in time
10. The data involved in the page are all from the Black Shark Lab. The actual use will be slightly different due to the specific use environment, individual differences of products, etc. Please refer to the actual situation

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